Online Safety



How To Ensure You Remain Safe Online

Please note: We take your online safety very seriously and to this effect we have recently invested in some extremely sophisticated anti-scam technologies for your ongoing safety.

With the recent rise in online fraud and scamming it is important that you do not allow yourself to be persuaded to give or exchange your personal contact numbers or details until you are 100% certain of the other person's integrity.

Remember, using our secure site for your online communications with other users keeps you "SAFE" and "SECURE" Our servers record IP addresses, membership and payment records for trace-ability should the need ever arise.

In the event that you should suspect anything strange or receive requests that suggest scamming activity please advise us immediately so we can take action and protect other users.

Popular Scam's - How To Spot Them - How To Avoid Them

Be aware of Internet dating scam's but don't let them put you off. Millions of genuine singles use such services every day and many find amazing relationships they never thought possible! Just be vigilant, sensible and approach things slowly and use the secure e-mail messaging systems to really check out the other person. If you wish to meet up, tell someone when and where and ensure it is in a well lit public place. Do not give out personal contact information.

Any Internet dating website, especially free sites, that are available to all will be used by scammers as well as genuine users. It is knowing how to spot a scammer from who is genuine. Con men, fraudsters and scammers are extremely active on the Internet as well as in the real offline world and dating sites are no exception.

Free trial periods are given to enable genuine people the time to evaluate the service. Unfortunately free trial periods also attract many scammers simply because it's free. Our anti-scam technologies catch scammers every day, you would not believe the number of scammers out there. Fortunately we delete their entries way before they can do any harm.

Be aware that anti-scam technology is far from perfect regardless of how much we spend. So we all need to be careful!

Because free trial periods can attract many scammers you need to study the responses you get just in case a scammer has slipped through our security net.
Look carefully to see if they actually talk about things within your profile.

Having a profile is important in more ways than one!

Firstly it will attract much more of a quality response and secondly you will know if the responder has studied it. If the response you receive seems vague and rather generalised, this is usually an early indication of a scam.

Photos are important as well. Take a careful look at the picture, does it look too professional? Does it match the profile in any way or are there some obvious differences? What's the background like? Could it be the user has lifted it from somewhere else?

Pictures speak volumes if you study them. Pictures add integrity to a users profile so use as many as you can because it shares a glimpse of someone's life story and gives other users confidence in ones sincerity.

If you like someone's profile encourage them to add a recent picture if it's not there. Remember you have the option to make your photo private. This means it will not be visible unless you give access to view it. This can be done on an individual basis! There should be no excuse not to have a photo and we can help anyone overcome a technical issue.


Most scam's come from overseas especially Africa. Some are very sophisticated and will engage in innocent single long term communication and the ask for money for say a visa, travel or an emergency that does not exist. Sometimes they will get an intermediary to contact you, like a fictitious doctor apparently in a hospital, whom will advise of dire circumstances and then ask you for money.   Or the person you may be interested in may not speak the language and then sting you for translation services.

Another widely used scam is to build up online chat/relationships and then recommend you to a great website (they own it!) for a fantastic product etc.. something they tried and wow! Could be weight loss or something similar. Once you do this they obtain your credit card details from the website they mentioned and rob your account!

The Secure messaging facility on this site is a great tool to check out the other person! Use it to it's full effect and see if they are constantly evasive when asked questions? Are they immediately insistent to give you their alternative contact details? or ask you for your mobile number or private e-mail address outside of this secure service?

Always ensure your dating site takes security seriously and that their contact information has been independently verified and published on their website, usually with a seal of approval where you can independently verify them again should you wish.